Solve water in basement once and for all

October 13, 2018

Our cavity drainage and tanking systems are a proven solution to widespread basement water seepages in the UK.



There are many causes for having water problems in your basement, which affects the wellbeing of the whole house. In some cases, the source of basement water is the general water table conditions, some times it's due to due a faulty drainage of one of your neighbours.


Hidden underground streams, damaged gutters, elevation can all contribute or cause water problems in the basement. The issues might be preset from the start or arise from new events and changing conditions in the environment. 


Each case is unique and can have a combination of multiple factors. Whatever the cause, we perform a deep analysis and investigation in all axes of the property, identifying the properties and characteristic of the individual basement water problem.




Our active and passive solutions target the root cause of the problem and eliminate the water seepage in to the property. We use industry leading membranes, specifically engineered to provide ultimate blockage and water isolation on our basement tanking systems. In most cases though, a passive blockage is not sufficient and we use cavity drainage systems in combination with our tanking procedure, which actively draines the volume of water coming into contact with the property from all directions. This problematic water is collected and continually pumped out to the main drainage by automated controllers, giving the basement and the property the maximum protection against excessive water in the surrounding ground. In some of the more critical projects we have seen our cavity drainage system extracting around 20 litres of water in every 3 minutes. Before implementation of  the system, the property was continuously being in soaked in this volume of water from all directions.  


The basement water solutions we provide such as cavity drainage system and basement tanking not only improves the overall health of the property and its long-time value, but also gives the opportunity of short-time gains in value by allowing the old and wet basement to be converted into a quality living space. 


More often than not, big problems hide behind small symptoms and may be overlooked even by some professionals on the field. If you notice any of the below in your basement, you would be right to ring the alarm bells and call in a professional to perform a survey.


  • Extra Moisture 

  • Mould

  • Water Stains

  • Water Ponds

  • Increase in pests and bugs

We are well known for our impeccable attention and investigation skills, always looking behind the corner to find the real cause and the true scale of the problem, providing the fullest fix in the most efficient way.


With 20+ years of experience in the field we are here to answer your questions, provide consultancy and give you the real solution for your basement water problems once and far all. 


D&D Builders




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