Increasing how much your house is worth

March 5, 2016


Making an investment to the place that you live can effectively increase your quality of life and the value of your property. A good planning with the right expertise can significantly improve how your house feels, looks and performs. A typical British house may seem short in space and options for much change but with a little imagination and artful hands you can completely transform your house type or add a couple of bedrooms to increase the capacity. 


Go trough our list of the seven most effective house renovations and see if any of them is managable for you. 


1. Loft Conversion

By making the existing loft space usable you can add another bedroom and bathroom to your house or use it else wise. It is not a higly descruvtive process as it uses the existing structure. Realtive sources state that a typical loft conversion adds about 12.5% to the house selling price. 


2. Conservatory & Extensions


Adding a conversatory or an extension is very cost-effective in increasing the house value and size. The build part should fit the house's overall character and designed correctly not to reduce the performance. A well-build conservatory can add up to 11% to your house's value. 

3. Kitchen Renewal


Upgrading your kitchen can vary in range from just getting new wardrobes to changing evertyhing. A kitchen is a busy room where lots of work is done and time is spent, if your kitchen is on the way to becoming like the kitchen on the left, its time for a change! A functional, attractive kitchen can highly increase the quality and ease of life espeacially for the families. A new good chosen kitchen fitting can increase your house's economic value by around 6%.


4. Batrhoom Makeover


Renewing the plumbing and equipment improves the hygiene and freshness of  batrhooms. Remodelling and adding more equipment can increase its functionality and value. With wise planning you can expect upto 5% increase in the overall house value by upgrading the bathroom. See our granite bathroom in the Gallery to get a sense of a top class quality bathroom. 


5. Structural & Superficial Fix


It is important to do your upgrades on a healthy structrure, even if the cracks behind the wallpapers and a slagging roof can be hidden in some form, it will not fool a professional valuer. Rising damp, bowing walls, squeaky floors or doors, loose fitting windows and cracks in the plasterwork are examples to such possible problems in your house, hidden or exposed. Fixing these problems, improves the safety and the well being of the occupants. These fixes are essential and you can avoid a loss of upto 15% of your houses value when selling or renting. 

To book an inspection and plan for a recovery arrange a viewing


6. Remodel Existing Place


You can actually completely remove most of the walls in your house and be left by an open space surrounded by the main structural walls. This should be performed by experts to avoid structural failures and damages. With all that empty space you can completely redesign the iterior and increase the capacity, you can convert to seperate flat design or sell it like that as the buyers are generally more interested in usable space then room number. This one is the most work-bearing renovation on the list but if it is managed well it can quadtriple the house value. 


7. Garden and Exterior


How your house looks from the outside has a big effect both on you and the neighbourhood. Nicely designed gardens with private siting areas highly increase the value of your house. Exterior improvements will result in a better firt impression and increase the chance of rental or sale of your house.






Contact us any time to talk your ideas, plan further and make your projects a reality. 







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Increasing how much your house is worth

March 5, 2016

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